Jimmy O'Hair

Christmas Shopping

December 19, 201211:01 am

Jimmy O’Hair works at the Bookrazy, and there is no busier time for retail workers than the Christmas shopping season. Stores are open for increased hours, new items are released just in time for Christmas, and seasonal discounts are used to lure customers in droves. Even in a down economy, the hope is always that the Christmas season and increased consumer confidence will deliver great results for a company. It’s no different at the Bookrazy, where Jimmy and his co-workers are in the midst of the Christmas shopping frenzy. Christmas music is playing overhead, the workers are dressed in holiday garb, and shoppers are filling the Bookrazy for their gifting needs. In this atmosphere, the comic strip takes a humorous look at an item that has arrived in time for Christmas, a Jennifer Lopez book and ornament set, which gets Brooke excited. This is the time of year for many seasonal items, some useful and some silly … and this veers on the silly! Nevertheless, there will be plenty of opportunities in the comic strip for holiday humor, and hope that you’ll enjoy it. Season’s Greetings!  

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