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Twas the Night Before Christmas Blog

December 24, 20169:04 am

It’s Christmas Eve, that celebrated time of year when we are almost to Christmas after weeks of decorating, shopping and waiting for the day to arrive! Today’s Jimmy comic strip refers to that day and the classic story, “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, or “A Visit from St. Nick.” How many children lay awake dreaming of that visit from Santa Claus and his eight reindeer (well Rudolph too)? The original poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” has been told for generations, and leave it to Brooke to come up with her own rendition and the humor for today’s comic strip. In any case, Jimmy O’Hair and friends would like to extend best wishes this Christmas holiday season, however you spend it. And once more for good measure … “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” jimmy-brooke-xmas-bookrev1b  

Election Day is Here – Thank Goodness!

November 8, 20168:36 am

Today’s Jimmy O’Hair comic strip with Hootie and Jimmy encapsulates probably how we all feel – ready for this presidential election cycle to be over! Considering that the presidential election campaigns for both parties really got underway in early 2015, then Americans have been dealing with this for a long, long time. It is something we need to take seriously, as we live in a democracy and have the cherished right to vote. However, with the incessant media coverage that grows larger and larger each election cycle and various platforms to receive the new news, fatigue finally sets in during the waning days and months. That’s why Election Day is such a relief – finally the time to go to the polls and make our voices heard! It’s especially welcome in this year, where negativity has been at an all time high with the presidential contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And for those worried about the future whatever the outcome? Don’t despair and look back to the words of Winston Churchill – “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing. After they’ve tried everything else.” jimmy-hootie-election-2016-rev

The market Hootie style

February 2, 201611:40 am

Though Jimmy O’Hair is a college student and a retail worker at the Bookrazy with limited funds, that doesn’t mean he is ignoring the stock market. To the contrary, he gets more than enough investment advice from his compulsive stock trading buddy, Hootie. Of course, Hootie is the nervous investor who wants huge returns and more often than not, must be willing to wait out the ups and downs of the market. Patience, when money is involved, is not Hootie’s strong suit! A lot of us are similar in this way – we want instantaneous results and big returns when we invest. However, as the recent market turmoil has shown us with falling oil prices and the fallout from China, there can be bear markets and the wise investor knows how to navigate through tough times. But somehow that probably isn’t much of a consolation to Hootie, who always wants to see his stock prices going up, up, up … or else, heartburn! Jimmy Hootie Stock Market

Streaming videos and comic strips

October 29, 201411:44 am

As today’s Jimmy O’Hair comic strip illustrates, television screens are no longer the only outlet for video content. Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices enable us to watch videos whenever we want. YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Maker and other online video portals give us unlimited opportunities to view content, and have allowed film and TV shows to be viewed whenever possible and created entertainment stars with “viral” videos. Who would have thought that 15 years ago that we could watch in a phone in our hand the latest movie from James Cameron, switch to a short dancing cats video just a few seconds later, and then tweet about it afterwards? The Jimmy O’Hair comic strip between Jimmy and Lola catches the satire in having to watch ads before a streaming video starts on Lola’s smartphone. We cannot escape ads in what we watch even moving online away from the television set. Video is a very important means of reaching an audience, and we will continue to see it evolve in the different mediums. There have been animated video shorts made for Jimmy O’Hair that have yet to be posted, but they will be in the near future. Whether or not they will have ads in front of them that would annoy Lola? We will have to wait and see! Jimmy Lola Video Ads1

National Coffee Day

September 29, 201411:02 am

It’s National Coffee Day and that means something to all artists. Need a start to the day – coffee! Want to get work finished late at night – coffee! Getting writer’s block – coffee! Want a source of inspiration for new ideas – coffee! You get the point … coffee is a stimulant, and this is the day that recognizes it. According to the Huffington Post, coffee is responsible for 75% of the caffeine consumption in the U.S. So Americans are not letting up on their coffee! A few Jimmy O’Hair cartoons are focused around coffee (and tea), because I suppose the characters of Jimmy O’Hair like their caffeinated beverages (and I haven’t even gotten into alcoholic consumption yet – that is always big on St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday for a good Irishman like Jimmy O’Hair). So here’s another Jimmy O’Hair coffee related comic strip for you to enjoy today while brewing your own roasted beans or pulling up to the storefront counter for a cup of Joe! Jimmy Lola Coffee.

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