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Hurricane Harvey and Coming Together

September 2, 201711:46 am

It’s been a surreal period over the past several days watching a tropical depression become a major hurricane that causes major damage to the 4th largest city in the U.S., as well as other towns along the Texas Gulf coast and up into Louisiana. As this writer-cartoonist is from Houston, it especially hit home hard watching all the devastation and 50 inches of rain strike the area. Trying to keep tabs with everyone I know back in Houston as their homes were threatened by rising flood waters was a reminder just how precarious life is. Some people lost their lives to this awful storm, and it has become one of the most costly disasters ever in America. Houston and other communities will take a long time to rebuild, but one thing I know is that the people of Houston (and America) are resilient. Even through this terrible tragedy, I’ve been watching on the news and talking to friends and family about the heroic rescues and the great cooperation between everyone. No matter what race, creed, gender, income level, or age, people have come together to help one another, save lives and aid those in need. That is the great thing about the people of Texas and America, and it really should hearten us all and strengthen our faith in these divisive times. With that in mind, a Jimmy O’Hair comic strip was created to help in any way possible with the relief effort. Of course, being a Jimmy O’Hair strip with Jimmy, Brooke and Hootie, there’s also going to be some humor, but the main thing is to get people to donate and help those in need. After all, that’s what we all must do … come together and help those who need help!

Spider-Man and films

July 13, 20179:04 am

The Jimmy O’Hair Spider-Man comic strip brings light to the popularity of superhero films at the cinematic box office today. Whether Marvel or DC, the popularity of superhero films based off of legendary comics does not seem to be slowing down. Not only have we seen several reboots of the Spider-Man films, which Hootie pokes fun at, we are also seeing several incarnations of the Dark Knight, aka Batman, and new films with Superman, Wonder Woman and Captain America. There are also “super” superhero films, with All-Star gangs assembled to save the universe like the Justice League and the Avengers. Jimmy works in a bookstore and he and his friends have a fascination with comic books, so it is no wonder that a topical theme like Spider-Man makes its way into a Jimmy comic strip. You can bet Jimmy is waiting for the developments on all the new superhero films set to hit the box office … much to Hootie’s chagrin!

Twas the Night Before Christmas Blog

December 24, 20169:04 am

It’s Christmas Eve, that celebrated time of year when we are almost to Christmas after weeks of decorating, shopping and waiting for the day to arrive! Today’s Jimmy comic strip refers to that day and the classic story, “Twas the Night Before Christmas”, or “A Visit from St. Nick.” How many children lay awake dreaming of that visit from Santa Claus and his eight reindeer (well Rudolph too)? The original poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” has been told for generations, and leave it to Brooke to come up with her own rendition and the humor for today’s comic strip. In any case, Jimmy O’Hair and friends would like to extend best wishes this Christmas holiday season, however you spend it. And once more for good measure … “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” jimmy-brooke-xmas-bookrev1b  

Election Day is Here – Thank Goodness!

November 8, 20168:36 am

Today’s Jimmy O’Hair comic strip with Hootie and Jimmy encapsulates probably how we all feel – ready for this presidential election cycle to be over! Considering that the presidential election campaigns for both parties really got underway in early 2015, then Americans have been dealing with this for a long, long time. It is something we need to take seriously, as we live in a democracy and have the cherished right to vote. However, with the incessant media coverage that grows larger and larger each election cycle and various platforms to receive the new news, fatigue finally sets in during the waning days and months. That’s why Election Day is such a relief – finally the time to go to the polls and make our voices heard! It’s especially welcome in this year, where negativity has been at an all time high with the presidential contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And for those worried about the future whatever the outcome? Don’t despair and look back to the words of Winston Churchill – “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing. After they’ve tried everything else.” jimmy-hootie-election-2016-rev

The market Hootie style

February 2, 201611:40 am

Though Jimmy O’Hair is a college student and a retail worker at the Bookrazy with limited funds, that doesn’t mean he is ignoring the stock market. To the contrary, he gets more than enough investment advice from his compulsive stock trading buddy, Hootie. Of course, Hootie is the nervous investor who wants huge returns and more often than not, must be willing to wait out the ups and downs of the market. Patience, when money is involved, is not Hootie’s strong suit! A lot of us are similar in this way – we want instantaneous results and big returns when we invest. However, as the recent market turmoil has shown us with falling oil prices and the fallout from China, there can be bear markets and the wise investor knows how to navigate through tough times. But somehow that probably isn’t much of a consolation to Hootie, who always wants to see his stock prices going up, up, up … or else, heartburn! Jimmy Hootie Stock Market

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