Jimmy O'Hair

Spider-Man and films

July 13, 20179:04 am

The Jimmy O’Hair Spider-Man comic strip brings light to the popularity of superhero films at the cinematic box office today. Whether Marvel or DC, the popularity of superhero films based off of legendary comics does not seem to be slowing down. Not only have we seen several reboots of the Spider-Man films, which Hootie pokes fun at, we are also seeing several incarnations of the Dark Knight, aka Batman, and new films with Superman, Wonder Woman and Captain America. There are also “super” superhero films, with All-Star gangs assembled to save the universe like the Justice League and the Avengers. Jimmy works in a bookstore and he and his friends have a fascination with comic books, so it is no wonder that a topical theme like Spider-Man makes its way into a Jimmy comic strip. You can bet Jimmy is waiting for the developments on all the new superhero films set to hit the box office … much to Hootie’s chagrin!

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