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Hurricane Harvey and Coming Together

September 2, 201711:46 am

It’s been a surreal period over the past several days watching a tropical depression become a major hurricane that causes major damage to the 4th largest city in the U.S., as well as other towns along the Texas Gulf coast and up into Louisiana. As this writer-cartoonist is from Houston, it especially hit home hard watching all the devastation and 50 inches of rain strike the area. Trying to keep tabs with everyone I know back in Houston as their homes were threatened by rising flood waters was a reminder just how precarious life is. Some people lost their lives to this awful storm, and it has become one of the most costly disasters ever in America. Houston and other communities will take a long time to rebuild, but one thing I know is that the people of Houston (and America) are resilient. Even through this terrible tragedy, I’ve been watching on the news and talking to friends and family about the heroic rescues and the great cooperation between everyone. No matter what race, creed, gender, income level, or age, people have come together to help one another, save lives and aid those in need. That is the great thing about the people of Texas and America, and it really should hearten us all and strengthen our faith in these divisive times. With that in mind, a Jimmy O’Hair comic strip was created to help in any way possible with the relief effort. Of course, being a Jimmy O’Hair strip with Jimmy, Brooke and Hootie, there’s also going to be some humor, but the main thing is to get people to donate and help those in need. After all, that’s what we all must do … come together and help those who need help!

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