Jimmy O'Hair

Election Day is Here – Thank Goodness!

November 8, 20168:36 am

Today’s Jimmy O’Hair comic strip with Hootie and Jimmy encapsulates probably how we all feel – ready for this presidential election cycle to be over! Considering that the presidential election campaigns for both parties really got underway in early 2015, then Americans have been dealing with this for a long, long time. It is something we need to take seriously, as we live in a democracy and have the cherished right to vote. However, with the incessant media coverage that grows larger and larger each election cycle and various platforms to receive the new news, fatigue finally sets in during the waning days and months. That’s why Election Day is such a relief – finally the time to go to the polls and make our voices heard! It’s especially welcome in this year, where negativity has been at an all time high with the presidential contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And for those worried about the future whatever the outcome? Don’t despair and look back to the words of Winston Churchill – “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing. After they’ve tried everything else.” jimmy-hootie-election-2016-rev

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