Jimmy O'Hair

National Coffee Day

September 29, 201411:02 am

It’s National Coffee Day and that means something to all artists. Need a start to the day – coffee! Want to get work finished late at night – coffee! Getting writer’s block – coffee! Want a source of inspiration for new ideas – coffee! You get the point … coffee is a stimulant, and this is the day that recognizes it. According to the Huffington Post, coffee is responsible for 75% of the caffeine consumption in the U.S. So Americans are not letting up on their coffee! A few Jimmy O’Hair cartoons are focused around coffee (and tea), because I suppose the characters of Jimmy O’Hair like their caffeinated beverages (and I haven’t even gotten into alcoholic consumption yet – that is always big on St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday for a good Irishman like Jimmy O’Hair). So here’s another Jimmy O’Hair coffee related comic strip for you to enjoy today while brewing your own roasted beans or pulling up to the storefront counter for a cup of Joe! Jimmy Lola Coffee.

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