Jimmy O'Hair

The market Hootie style

February 2, 201611:40 am

Though Jimmy O’Hair is a college student and a retail worker at the Bookrazy with limited funds, that doesn’t mean he is ignoring the stock market. To the contrary, he gets more than enough investment advice from his compulsive stock trading buddy, Hootie. Of course, Hootie is the nervous investor who wants huge returns and more often than not, must be willing to wait out the ups and downs of the market. Patience, when money is involved, is not Hootie’s strong suit! A lot of us are similar in this way – we want instantaneous results and big returns when we invest. However, as the recent market turmoil has shown us with falling oil prices and the fallout from China, there can be bear markets and the wise investor knows how to navigate through tough times. But somehow that probably isn’t much of a consolation to Hootie, who always wants to see his stock prices going up, up, up … or else, heartburn! Jimmy Hootie Stock Market

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